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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Driver Courtesy on the Road

The future will kept building cars that go hundreds and hundreds of miles per hour, but the present still needs to remember driver courtesy on the road, if it could.

It's always easier to say "it wasn't my fault" or "it's the other car's fault." Driver courtesy on the road not only means being considerate of other drivers, but taking responsibility for your driving.

Here are the 5 best tips for driver courtesy on the road:

Slow down! - Subtract 5 miles per hour whenever you are driving. It is a driver courtesy to give way to other people on the road, but not slow enough to slow down everyone else on the same road. Plus, it will save you fuel.

Keep a safe distance – Driver courtesy means giving enough space in-between your car and the cars in front or behind you. It also gives you more room to maneuver should either of you change lanes.

Give leeway when braking – While on the road, it is driver courtesy to give enough time for yourself and the cars behind you time when braking. Abrupt stops can cause accidents on the road.

Give way – If another driver cuts you off --- give way. Be the better driver. Just because they don't know driver courtesy doesn't mean you should forget yours.

Relax – Before turning in the key to the ignition, consider this the best driver courtesy of all --- asking yourself if you are in the right state of mind to drive. Are you angry? Walk it off, don't take it on the road. Are you feeling sleepy, or groggy? Call a cab instead or find an alternate ride.

Be the better driver. Be patient. Be giving. Follow the rules. Follow driver courtesy on the road --- it might be the only way to show others to do so too.

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