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Friday, February 12, 2010

Most Common Traffic Violation is Speeding

Many drivers speed because they think they will save time and arrive at their destination faster than they would if they didn't speed.

How much time do you think you save by speeding? This chart illustrates the time saved over a 10 mile trip on the highway.

M.P.H. = Time | Time Saved

  • 55 M.P.H. = 10 Minutes 55 Second | --

  • 60 M.P.H. = 10 Minutes 00 Second | 55 Seconds Saved

  • 65 M.P.H. = 09 Minutes 04 Second | 1 Minute and 41 Seconds Saved

  • 70 M.P.H. = 08 Minutes 34 Second | 2 Minutes and 21 Seconds Saved

The basic speed rule says "Do not go faster than is safe for conditions." This is the safest way to drive. What does it mean? When you're driving on a road with a posted limit of 40 mph, that's the safest maximum speed you're allowed to drive during normal road conditions. If it begins to rain, it may not be safe to drive 40 mph, because the road may be slippery from the mixture of oil, dust or dirt accumulation with the rainwater. Conditions dictate the speed that you should drive, regardless of what the speed limit may be.

Many drivers believe the worst that can happen to them is to receive a speeding ticket, but these drivers are wrong. Driving too fast for conditions or exceeding the posted speed limit can kill you.

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