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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New York Cell Phone Violations to Carry Two Points

In yet another way that New York is helping to keep its motorists safe, in February, cell phone violations will now carry two points on a driver's license. This is for motorists who fail to use a hands-free device when using cell phones inside their vehicles.

Originally, cell phone citations only carried fines and a potential negative consequence towards a motorist's auto insurance, but by implementing this new rule, the inclusion of two points on a driver's license increases the heft a motorist has to face and will likely deter them (even more) from engaging in such a behavior.

In December of 2010, the New York State DMV gave their official ruling notice in the NY State Register.

This new rule started on the 16th of February.

Here are some reasons why the NYS DMV decided to implement this new rule:
  • Conviction, via the two point addition would lead to a motorist's points assessment, and would make it easier to keep track of repeat offenders.
  • To promote safety on New York highways.
  • To support various legislative action promoting highway safety.
  • Points violation aligns itself with NYS goals of promoting public safety, and reprimanding those who don't follow state law.

By now, it is widely known that distracted driving, especially in the form of operating a cell phone while driving reduces the amount of focus needed by a driver. By implementing a two point violation on cell phone use, New York, is working to keep their motorist safe.

Learn more about the New York State DMV point system to help keep your driving record clean.

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