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Thursday, August 26, 2010

New York State - Empire Gold Plates

On April 1, 2010 the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles began issuing new license plates. The familiar blue and white Empire plates have been replaced by Empire Gold plates. The Empire Gold plates are named for their blue and gold coloring. Originally, the DMV planned a mandatory reissuance of license plates. However, that plan has been cancelled.

The cancellation means that drivers will not be required to purchase new plates when their registration expires. The cancellation means the current Empire (blue and white) license plates will remain valid. However, once the DMV’s stock is depleted they will no longer be issued. Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions regarding the Empire Gold license plates.

The new Empire Gold plates have sparked some confusion. Many people are unsure of who is required to have the new plates and who is allowed to keep the old ones. Anyone who applies to replace lost or stolen plates will receive Empire Gold plates. Anyone is applying for a new registration and is not transferring plates from another vehicle will be required to get Empire Gold plates. Lastly, any orders for new personalized plates will be fulfilled on Empire Gold plates.

Purchasing Empire Gold plates is an option for anyone who is renewing their vehicles registration either online, by phone, by mail, or at the local DMV office. Empire Gold plates that are not purchased at the DMV will be mailed separately from the registration. Typically, the registration documents will arrive before the new license plates. To avoid traffic rickets, it is important to put the new registration document on the vehicle right away. Once the new plates are received it is important to put them on the vehicle right away.

Anyone wishing to order the new Empire Gold license plates is required to pay an additional plate fee. The plate fee is $25 for a plate set. The plate fee is only $12.50 for vehicles that only require one plate (ex. Motorcycles and trailers). Please keep in mind that the plate fee is in addition to any other fees associated with the transaction. Also, drivers who are adamant about keeping their current license plate number can do so for an additional $20 fee.

For anyone who wishes to replaces their current personalized plates with Empire Gold personalized plates, that can be done online or at the local DMV office. There is an additional $3.75 plate exchange fee to order the personalized Empire Gold plates when there is not a registration renewal.

After receiving the new Empire Gold plates, do not return the old plates to the DMV office. Instead recycle the old plates. Before recycling old license plates, it is recommended that the number be crossed out with permanent marker. If that is not feasible, it is recommended that the plates be defaced in another way. For further protection separate the plates by putting them out to recycling during different weeks.

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